Mark’s Backyard Hobby Room

Let me ask you a question, just quickly…

Do you have a hobby?

What’s your passion?

Is there something taking up a legitimately large portion of your time and thoughts?


Next – where do you pursue this?

Have you ever wished for your own little space? Where you can escape from the world, and focus on what you do best?


Meet Mark. He has a hobby.

Actually, it’s a passion.

A love.

An almost-obsession.

Mark is a professional Lego artist.

Take a look at this…

A Melwood Cabana makes the perfect Backyard Hobby Room for this professional LegoMaster.

See what I mean?

This guy knows what he’s doing. I can bet you there’s no stray lego left on the floor around here!

No sir, it’s all part of a greater plan, and by plan I mean town-planning. All on a wonderfully small scale.

There was just one problem though. Space. Mark needed his own little place, an area of escapement, away from the house and the rest of the world.

Somewhere he can go to showcase his talents – think, breathe and live LEGO and nothing else!

Enter the Melwood Hobby Room.

By having a council-exempt Melwood Workshop installed in his backyard, Mark was able to create his own little hobby room. His own little escape from the outside world. Fully designed and manufactured to comply with building standards, and made of quality materials, Mark’s hobby room is more than a Workshop – it’s a large scale Lego house. Perfect for housing his small-scale Lego metropolis!

So how did he do it?

Mark started by visiting the Melwood North Sydney display centre, where he discussed his ideas with a team member who then helped him plan his cabana. His workshop was then custom-made in Melwood’s Sydney Factory. Fast forward a few weeks and the workshop was delivered and setup by the Melwood Delivery Team (oh, did we mention the delivery took ONE day? – see how it’s done here!). Mark then arranged the painting, gyprock and air-conditioning, and he was ready to move in his Lego! Voila!

Do you need a hobby room, creative space or somewhere to showcase your talents? Download the price list here to get started!

Go on, you can thank us later 😉

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