Case Study: Fred’s Outdoor Media Room


Creating a multi-functional space is now one of the most valuable home improvements you can do, as we all find ourselves spending time at home.

Fred & Deborah did exactly this when they created their Outdoor Media Room with a Mod No.12.

We didn’t anticipate COVID-19 but having had the cabana and the technology all installed about 12 months prior to the pandemic left us well prepared for the challenges posed by having more people working/studying from home than usual during the lockdown.

Scroll down to take a closer look at their stunning media room & hear how they use it!


A multi-purpose space that adults + teens can enjoy

The initial inspiration was to replace a cubby house / slippery dip (which had finally been out-grown by our children) with an artist’s studio / kids’ playroom.

As we thought about it more, it made sense to us to include a home theatre set up which both adults and teenagers could enjoy, so we arranged for in-wall speakers, a retractable data screen, a ceiling-mounted data projector, apple TV and wi-fi.

This way, different combinations of family and friends can enjoy movies, TV or sport at different times.



More space for entertainment & work

For a family of 5 (2 adults and 3 teenage kids) the cabana has given us extra space for entertainment and work.

It’s the perfect WFH (WorkFromHome) Space

Fred & Deborah have added a desk, chair and storage to create the perfect spot to Work from Home.

It has also been great as an additional home office option if someone needs to be in ‘splendid isolation’ from the rest of the house. The desk and wi-fi make it easy for anyone to take their laptop and work there very comfortably and efficiently from the for as long as they want.




In Winter – a cozy space to curl up & watch a movie

Fred’s outdoor media room, like all Melwood Garden Rooms, has the benefit of added insulation. This makes it extra comfortable year-round. 

By adding some comfy lounges and a few cushions + throws,  they’ve created the perfect space to curl up and enjoy a good movie!


Outdoor Media Room - Melwood Mod No.12
By adding some comfy lounges and a few cushions + throws, this garden room has become the perfect space to curl up and enjoy a good movie!



In Summer – open up the doors + fire up the bbq for outdoor entertaining 

“During the Australian Open tennis, we have a barbecue and open up the cabana ‘Cinema Paradiso’ style so we can watch the match from the dining area on the back patio of our house. It also makes the back yard more inviting and useable. The cabana has a great deck with chairs on it, and nice couches and beanbags inside. In summer we open it all up so you can be very comfortably accommodated in an essentially outdoors setting.”



Considering a Melwood? Here’s Fred + Deborah’s advice:

“Go for it! You won’t regret it. In fact you’ll be wondering how you ever managed without one! … We tell anyone who asks us that they should definitely get a Melwood cabana!”


The Specs

Fred & Deborah’s media room is the Mod No.12, which measures 3.2 x 3.6m + the deck.

This gives you plenty of space for furniture, speakers and a screen, without taking over the garden. 

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