A Visual Guide to Your Garden Room Options

When selecting the options for your new Garden Room, it can be difficult to know which one to choose, or how they’re going to look in person. 

To help you with this, we’ve created a visual guide to your Garden Room options.

Scroll down to see exactly what our different cladding types, windows, doors and extras look like, and read about the benefits of each one.



Board & Batten Cladding

Board & Batten cladding is a very traditional cladding that has been used to clad buildings around the world for hundreds of years.

We often get asked if our Board&Batten cladding is timber, and indeed it is. It is made up of smooth, multi-layered hardwood panels, with vertical timber strips (battens). This cladding can be stained or painted and is marine-grade, making it a very durable option for your garden room walls. 

Board & Batten Cladding - Painted vs Stained
Board & Batten cladding – can be painted or stained. The left-hand side is painted Dulux ‘Shale Grey’ and the right-hand side is stained with Cedarshield.


Cedar Cladding

Our cedar cladding is made up of horizontal boards of Premium Western Red Cedar which is imported from Canada, where it is sustainably grown in plantation forests. Cedar cladding is an excellent choice for your garden room as it has excellent sound & thermal insulation properties – making your garden room cozy & quiet all year long.

This cladding is available in a rough-sawn cedar finish and can be painted or stained depending on which look you want to achieve. 


Cedar Cladding - raw
Raw Cedar – This Mod12 shows how the cedar cladding looks when just installed. It is important to either paint or stain your garden room as soon possible after install can to protect it from the elements.


Painted Cedar
Painted Cedar – this Mod 12 has been painted Shale Grey with white trims – a classic + stylish colour combination


Stained Cedar
Stained Cedar – This Mod No.12 has been stained to bring out the natural colours & beauty of the wood.


Vertical Cedar or EcoHardwood Cladding (only available on Espace design)

This smooth vertical cladding is applied by hand, one board at a time, by our craftsmen here in Sydney. This painstaking process results in an amazing look – a sleek,  stylish garden room that really stands out on your property & will have friends and family envious of your garden room.

This cedar is so premium, that it’s a shame to paint it! We recommend staining it so you can really appreciate the natural details in this material.

If you’re wanting to paint your Espace garden room, then the EcoHardwood is the right cladding option for you.

Ecohardwood Cladding
Raw Ecohardwood Cladding – just installed and ready to be painted. Available only on the Espace Design.


Cedar Cladding Espace
Vertical Cedar Cladding – just installed and ready to be stained. Available only on the Espace Design.


Pre-Primed Weatherboard Cladding 

This smooth, sleek weatherboard is a great alternative to Cedar and has a range of benefits, which we’ve outlined below.

As these weatherboards are pre-primed, & ready to paint, you’ll be able to start painting your garden room as soon as it’s installed. 

The smooth finish also ensures a neat, easy paint application and a better look overall. 

This pre-primed weatherboard is a 100% renewable resource and is made from the trimmings of hardwood plantation timber.

Melwood Workshop 3254 in Mosman, NSW
Painted weatherboards create a traditional look for this Melwood Workshop 3254

More than just being renewable, this cladding has a negative carbon footprint which reduces the impact on our environment and creates a better, cleaner future. 

This cladding option is suitable for use in properties with a rating of up to BAL19. If your property has a higher BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) rating than this, mention it to our team and we can let you know what upgrades are required to create the right garden room for your property.

This pre-primed cladding is Australian made from Australian hardwood, designed to withstand the harsh Aussie weather, and keep your garden room cosy year-long.

The finish of these Classic Weatherboards will give your garden room a unique but traditional appearance. Ideal for creating a chic coastal or Hamptons-inspired look. 


Glass Doors

Our glass doors are the most popular choice with customers and it’s easy to see why. They’re a great way to invite more natural light into your garden room and make it feel larger.  For privacy or shade, you can add a roller blind mounted on the door. This is a quick, easy & cost-effective solution (and it looks great!)

glass doors with roller blind
Glass Doors – Carol has added roller blinds to the glass doors on her Verandah15 for privacy + shade when working out.


Timber Doors

Solid timber doors are a great choice for your garden room if you’re wanting to keep the light out or maintain privacy.

timber doors
Timber Doors – a great option for keeping the light out [Verandah18]


French Doors 

With their 10-light glass panes and classic Hamptons look, these french doors are a wonderful way to upgrade your garden room.

French Doors - perfect for creating the ultimate Hamptons-style garden room
French Doors – perfect for creating the ultimate Hamptons-style garden room or shed! [Workshed 3254]


Double Doors 

When choosing the doors for your garden room, it’s important to think about what you’re going to be storing or using inside the space. Items such as large desks, furniture, lounges or even mowers will be much easier to get into your garden room if you’ve got double doors. 

A winner for practicality, we highly recommend adding double doors to your garden room, as they make getting items into and out of your garden room so much easier. These doors fold back flat against the external walls, creating a nice wide opening for your garden room.

Double Doors
Double Doors – perfect for creating that essential ‘wide opening’ for getting items into/out of your garden room! [Mod 20]


Double Doors + Sidelights

To maximise natural light, and make your garden room feel as big & spacious as possible, you can’t go past our Double Doors + Sidelights combination. This is double glass doors, with a fixed glass ‘panel’ either side, and you’ll be surprised open + connected they’ll make your garden room feel with the rest of the garden. 

Double Doors + Sidelights
Double Doors + Sidelights – maximise space & light inside your garden room. [Workshed3254]


Aluminium Doors 

Aluminium Doors are available with the Espace Garden Room Design, or as an upgrade on our other Garden Room designs.  Contact us for pricing and to find out more. 

Aluminium Doors available on Espace Design
Aluminium Doors – available on the Espace Design, or as an optional upgrade to other designs. [Espace2000]



All window options available in black or white aluminum.

1200 x 865 Sliding Window

Perfect for above a desk or workbench, this window is a popular option for garden rooms. 

1200 x 865 sliding window
1200 x 865 sliding window


300 x 1200 Sliding Window

Also known as ‘ventilation windows’, these neat windows are great to add high up on the back wall of your garden room, opposite the doors. They can then be opened for fresh air and create the all-important ‘cross-flow’ of air within the room. 

ventilation windows
Ventilation Windows – these 1200 x 300 windows are perfect for letting in fresh air + light whilst maintaining privacy [Mod12]


2025 x 600 MOD Double Hung Window

The Mod Double Hung window is a tall, thin window that lets in alot of light without taking up valuable wall space. These windows let in alot of natural light and can be opened fully from top down, or bottom up, making them a great way to let in fresh air (and don’t worry flyscreens are available with all of our window options!).


Mod Double Hung Window
A black Mod Double Hung Window adding light to Ben’s Home Gym [Mod18]


2025 x 1200 Panorama Sliding Window

Excellent if you’ve got a view – the panorama sliding window brings all the views + natural light into your garden room. This window slides open at the top for fresh air, and the bottom is fixed for child safety.

Panorama Windows
Panorama Windows make this tiny art studio feel big & spacious. [Workshed2036]


Roofing, Gutters & Downpipes

We use Colorbond Steeel roofing, gutters and downpipes on all of our Garden Rooms. 

Woodland Grey 

We recommend this if you can see the roof of your garden room from your home, as it looks tidy and doesn’t get show dirt/dust up as much as a lighter colour would.

Woodland Grey Roofing
Woodland Grey Roofing



Great for hot areas, as the white colour reflects heat and helps to keep your garden room cool in summer.

Surfmist roofing is very popular for Pool Cabanas, as it creates a summery/poolside look and keeps your pool cabana cool. 


Surfmist Roofing - popular for pool cabanas
Surfmist Roofing – popular for pool cabanas


Other Colours 

Other colours are available for special order. If you need a particular Colorbond colour, please ask our team when discussing your garden room and we’ll add it to your order for you.


Want to see these Garden Room options in person? 

You can view a wide range of our garden room sizes & options in person at our Display Centres. Click here to book in your Display Centre visit.

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