Melwood for Businesses

Having a Melwood product as an office space provides your business with a transportable cost-effective, innovative, and professional space in which to conduct your business.

At Melwood Cabanas & Garden Rooms, we promise to deliver all that and more, because you deserve it!


Who and what businesses are prime candidates for using Melwood’s pre-fabricated space solutions:


Benefits of using a Melwood Cabana for your business.

There are so many reasons you should consider installing a structure for your business – even if you don’t meet any of the scenarios described above. Below are just a few:

Purchasing a Melwood product saves you cash!

Do you know that up to 30 June 2017, Australian small business owners can instantly write off the full amount of any business asset with an invoice value of less than $20,000. If however you are worried about capital gains implications with your [intlink id=”4132″ type=”post”]tax deduction[/intlink], just remember all Melwood Garden Rooms can be classified as portable assets and should not be considered capital improvement or building works!

Installing a Melwood Cabana is a business investment.

If you own a small business, such as a small farm, [intlink id=”4210″ type=”post”]a pottery school[/intlink], a coffeehouse, or offer your services from home, you are representing your brand. Your brand deserves the best, including having your own office! Our backyard studio for business are an excellent choice to help your business grow.

Having one of our structures in your property can increase your property’s value, and that certainly makes a Melwood product a great investment!
You’d also be glad to know that Melwood Garden Rooms are transportable. Yes, you can bring it with you when you move!


What makes Melwood products so special?

• Our products are proudly Australian made, at our Sydney factory

• Our structures comes with a 10 year structural warranty.

• Using specially selected materials, our products are made to last. Think of the annual savings with no office rent! Imagine how quickly you can pay off your own professional working space!

• We guarantee fast turnaround time once council grants approval for your proposed development.

• You can have your new office up in a single day!

• Last but not the least, having been a family business since the 1970s, we take personal pride in satisfying our customers. Melwood is the a name you can trust!


Ready to treat yourself to the office of tomorrow? Then have a look at the [intlink id=”1495″ type=”page”]Melwood gallery[/intlink] for inspiration!

Our prices are very reasonable and we have Melwood products [intlink id=”1218″ type=”page”]to help your budget and your needs[/intlink]!
[intlink id=”28″ type=”page”]Contact us[/intlink] and we guarantee you a beautiful and functional office space – which could be installed for you and your team in just a one day!

Financial disclaimer-The information provided in this post is general information only. Before acting on this information you should consider the appropriateness of the information, having regard to your own objectives, financial situation and needs. Please consult a professional in that taxation field before proceeding with your purchases that you may use for deduction purposes.

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