6 Outdoor To-Do’s Your Property Will Love You For

February – Australia’s Maintenance Month. Temperatures rise, the sun is out, the days are longer and the kids are back at school.
The perfect time to get some essential maintenance done to the hardworking areas around the house and garden.
By ticking off these 6 to-do’s, you’ll have your house and surrounds prepared and ready for months of summer fun to come!


1 Clean up the front of the house
Its true – the first impression really is the most important impression. A clean, tidy house and garden adds enormous kerb appeal and neighbour envy. For the ideal clean-exterior solution, consider using a high-pressure washer. You can hire a pressure washer and do it yourself, or, contact the professionals so you can sit back and watch.
2. Prepare the BBQ for summer entertaining
The typical Aussie family barbecue is one of the hardest workers at any family gathering, especially over the Christmas and New Year period. Now that most of the holiday-mode entertaining is over, be sure to give your barbecue a good clean to get it ready for the Summer evenings to come.
(Check out our post on Tips for easy BBQ Cleaning )
Clear out & organise your Garage this Summer.. Photo Credit: Doug Abbott
3. Organise your garage
A well-organised garage is one of the ingredients for a peaceful home environment. Try to start fresh and work from a ‘clean slate’. Take everything out of your garage, sort it into piles such as: “Keep”, “Throw Away” and “Donate”.  Once all the clutter is sorted, immediately take it to its new destination before you change your mind. Give the space a good clean, designate places for each of the remaining items, and then neatly put the ‘keep items’ in their new homes. Don’t rush – set aside time for this task, because you want to do it properly. Your garage will now have a place for everything and everything in its place. Aah.
Garage still too full? I have the answer for you – continue to point 4.
The perfect solution to adding storage space to your property
A Melwood Cabana: The perfect solution to adding storage space to your property
    4. Make your garden shed or cabana work for you
    Its possible to keep your important Garage Gear AND still have space in there for your car as well! Not just for tools – the Garden Shed or Cabana is the new go-to for adding storage space to your property. A secure, lockable, watertight building in your backyard where you can safely store your Snorkeling Gear/Workshop Tools/Hula Hoops/Barbie Collection/Trike/Vintage Model Trains/whatever takes up space in your house depending on your age & stage in life.
Its a good idea to ensure your Cabana is organised, and you have systems in place for keeping it neat. This will result in a low-maintenance storage space that is enjoyable to use!
Oh, and if you don’t have a  Backyard Cabana yet, do get one. Its one property upgrade you wont regret.
5. Hit the deck
After all the entertaining, playing, running and dancing that happened on your deck over the recent holiday season, it is probably ready for a little TLC. Start by sweeping down the deck with a stiff broom to remove dirt and grime, followed by a gentle wash with a solution of mild soapy water. Feel free to grab a drink, take a seat and watch the summer sun gently do the drying for you. Voilaaa!
Water and mow your lawn correctly to keep it looking fresh this summer



6. Love your lawn
To keep your lawn looking lush, be sure to water it regularly and deeply. During the hotter summer months, its a good idea to water the lawn in the late evening or early morning. This reduces the risk of water loss due to evaporation.
It is also important to mow at the highest setting, so you don’t damage roots, and leave the grass clippings on the lawn so that nutrients are returned to the soil.  Organic fertilisers are another great way to ensure your lawn receives lots of natural, health-boosting nutrients.

Adding a Melwood cabana, cubby house or garden shed to your property is one of the easiest and most effective ways to add storage space to your property.

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