7 ways you can boost productivity with a home office

Could a Home office actually make you more productive? Is it possible to get more work done, and faster, in the convenience of your own home? Yes! Read on for our top 7 tried-and-true secrets to achieving maximum productivity in your Home Office:

1. Sssh! make sure your working space allows you a little valuable peace & quiet – a space to escape from the noises of daily household life that will try to lure you from your work.

2. Declutter or Die – not only is it exhausting, swimming through piles of paper and endless folders can seriously impact your focus and concentration. By only keeping a few key items on your desk, your mind will feel less cluttered, you’ll be able to think clearly and that to-do-list will be conquered in no time!

Declutter or Die - try to limit the number of items you keep on your desk for greater mental clarity & productivity. Clear Desk, Clear Mind. (Photo courtesy of Houzz)
Declutter or Die – try to limit the number of items you keep on your desk for greater mental clarity. (Photo courtesy of Houzz)

3. Inject some fun – productivity and creativity go hand-in-hand. Include some elements of your favorite interests and things that inspire you in your home office to get those creative juices flowing. So go ahead, purchase that flamingo desk fan you’ve been admiring.

4. Bring in some Green – bringing some of the outdoors in literally adds a breath of fresh air to your workspace. The colour green is symbolic of growth and renewal, and it also renews and restores depleted energy. Even just a small vase of flowers, or a potted succulent will work wonders for your productivity levels, and add a freshness and vibrancy to your space.

Add plants, flowers or a large window with a leafy view
Add plants, flowers or a large window with a leafy view

5. Smell your way to success – smell is the strongest of our senses, and most able to influence brain activity. Choose specific scents to add to your home office space in the form of a funky candle or classic diffuser. Try Lemon for concentration, Lavender for calming, Jasmine for a confidence boost, Cinnamon for alertness, and Peppermint to stimulate clear thinking.

Smell your way to success
Add a candle or diffuser to your workspace to introduce helpful scents to improve your work patterns! (Image source: Pinterest)

6. Tab. Tab. Tab. Not tabtabtabtabatb – Browsers. The ultimate black hole where valuable time disappears and is never seen again. Keep your focus fresh and your brain clear by limiting yourself to just 3 tabs in your browser session. And, for those must-read-later tabs, save them for later with Pocket.

7. Last but not least, Have a break – and it doesnt have to be a Kit Kat. Even a small 5 minute break – like a walk back to the house – will greatly increase your attention and mental clarity. Although its easy to think a click over to facebook will be your break, the simple act of getting up out of your chair and moving your limbs will refresh and rejuvinate your mindset, so you can return to your work with vigour.

Do you want a home office? What are the main features you’d incorporate into your dream home office?

home office
Take regular breaks from your home office to boost your productivity & effectiveness. (Image Source: Pinterest)

Adding a dedicated office to your property is one of the easiest and most effective ways to create extra business space at home. 

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