5 Design Tips for a Gorgeous Backyard

Some new lighting, sprucing up the greenery or adding a new garden room. Your backyard deserves to be gorgeous this spring!

Spring is the perfect time to transform your backyard into a gorgeous haven perfect for spending more time outdoors in the warmer months ahead. Need some inspiration to make that happen? Take a look at the following design tips below and turn your outdoor space into the stunning outdoor sanctuary of your dreams!

Clean Up Your Outdoor Space

Backyards do have a tendency to get a little bit cluttered, so why not start by giving it a nice spring clean to  start making it look awesome?

Do you have some pavers or a concreted area? The accumulated dirt sitting on the surface can make it look drab and old. But don’t you worry! A simple power wash will bring that area back to life. This isn’t just for aesthetic purposes too. Moss, oil, and dirt can age and damage pavers and concrete. Make your paved areas sparkling clean and also save yourself some headache down the road by making it a part of your spring cleaning routine.

Oh, and don’t forget to do a quick backyard purge too!

 backyard-cabana- sping

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Spruce Up Your Existing Greenery

Once you’ve cleaned up your backyard and taken out everything that’s not contributing to the beauty and function of the space anymore, it’s time to spruce up your existing greenery!

Take a look at your backyard and seek out areas that may need a little bit of extra foliage or colour. Perhaps your turf needs to be reseeded or maybe some replanting in beautiful ornamental pots is in order. There’s really a lot of ways to make your backyard look and feel like your very own oasis. It’s all about trimming out what doesn’t work and shaping what’s left into what you envision your space to look like!


Add Creative Lighting

It would be a shame to not showcase your backyard after all the cleaning and hard work you’ve spent making it look fabulous, right?

Adding some creative lighting fixtures in your backyard will add beauty and function to your not-so-often-used outdoor space. If you’re getting excited at the thought of hosting an intimate gathering or perhaps staging a romantic dinner at your backyard, then head on to the nearest home and garden supplies store to grab some lighting options that would complement your landscaping and garden design!

Another design tip would be to start looking for outdoor lighting options before tackling a project that would require huge changes to your outdoor space. By going for this smart plan, you can get lighting fixtures that can be incorporated seamlessly with what you already have and will also work with  future backyard additions.


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Bring the Indoors Out

Longing to have your very own outdoor room but is not sure if  it would be a good idea or whether you can pull it off?

Worry no more! Having an outdoor room need not be a complicated project. You can start by choosing an area that could serve as a natural focal point and design your outdoor room around that.

Still on the fence?

It’s really easy! Think of how you’ll want to spend your time at your outdoor room and pick furniture based on that. If you love to read and relax outdoors, you will want to go for some lounging-type furniture like some couches and futons. A dining or breakfast set would be best if you’re into alfresco dining and entertaining.

In fact, you may end up loving this design tip so much that you’ll want to…



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Install a Backyard Garden Room

Think about it, the perfect element that brings together all the backyard design tips we’ve previously mentioned is a backyard garden room!

A backyard cabana, cubby house or garden shed is also what you need if you need some extra room that incorporates the elements of both indoors and outdoors, be it for a pool house, workshed or just a storage shed.

Worried about how much space it will eat up and if it will be worth the investment? With the wide range of design options these days, finding a design that will fit your space and budget is not an issue at all!

In fact, even the usual cabana construction time isn’t an issue. Having a Melwood structure delivered to your backyard takes only a single day. That’s incredibly fast and made possible because having a Melwood structure installed in NSW can often be achieved without requiring any council approval.


Our backyard verandah design nestled away in a happy clients yard

Why the exemption?

In 2008, the NSW State government came to the conclusion that local councils were becoming too arbitrary in their approach to approval requirements. At the time many Councils even required unnecessary approval for simple things like clothesline, letterboxes and TV antennas! This along with other factors lead the State Government to  step in and legislate to remove red tape and make it easier for people to make simple changes to their homes without requiring council approval. The State Environmental Planning Policy 572 now provides exempt status for most minor projects around homes in NSW. This is one of the many reasons why you can now put a Melwood structure in your NSW backyard without requiring council approval. 40 years of outstanding track record supplying Sydney and nearby areas with Australian-made cabanas and garden rooms has made Melwood the industry leader. Our name is the benchmark for quality garden rooms in Australia.


Want to see the Melwood team in actionContact us to have a garden room installed in your backyard soon. With our help, backyard gorgeousness is only 5 design tips away!


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