11 tips for easy BBQ cleaning this summer

Barbecuing: it’s an Australian national pastime. Good friends, beautiful weather, a few beers and a lot of food. All the ingredients for a great time.

But there’s one big downside to every barbecue: cleaning the grill afterwards. Burnt-on food, charcoal residue, and grime of unknown origins can all require serious elbow grease to remove.

But fear not! Helpling, the experts in home cleaning, are here to offer 11 simple tips to make cleaning after your barbecue a breeze. So grab that last burger and let’s begin.


 1. Use coffee to get the grime off your grill.

Brew a pot of coffee, pour it into a basin and then soak your barbecue grate and utensils. Let it soak for about an hour, give it a quick scrub, and rinse with warm water. The acid in the coffee will loosen the grease, and you’ll have your grate and spatula sparkling with minimum effort.


2. Clean with an onion.

Cut an onion in half and rub it on your hot barbecue (cut side down). This will loosen the baked-on dirt and take it right off your grill. Avoid burning your hands by putting the onion on the end of a fork before scrubbing.


 3. Remove food with foil.

If you don’t have an onion spare, spray a little vinegar on your barbecue grate. Then use a crumpled ball of aluminium foil to scrub the grime off the grate. This will get rid of the dirt in a flash.


4. Classic natural cleaning.

Mix a tablespoon of baking soda and another of vinegar with one litre of warm water. Use this classic, all-purpose natural cleaning solution to clean the outside of your barbecue, and leave it shining like new.


5. Scrape with a spatula.

While the grill is still hot, use a sturdy spatula to scrape off all residue right after you grill. The heat will help to easily remove baked-on foods and oils. It’s always best if you do this after you cook, so that you don’t get any loose dirt on your food.


6. Prevent smoky smells.

Avoid having to air your home and wash your curtains after a BBQ. Leave a sponge soaked with white vinegar by the grill. This will prevent smoke from spreading from your patio or balcony into your home, and leaving your house smelling like a cooked steak.


7. Avoid rust.

If your barbeque is iron, dab paper towel in some oil and wipe over the grill. This will stop it from rusting and help your barbeque to age well. No rust to clean, and no need to buy a new grill. Win/win.


8. Steam away the sticky stuff.

Fill a shallow, wide tin with water and place it on your grill. Turn the heat on just enough to bring the water to the boil, and close the barbecue lid. The steam this creates will loosen any dirt, making it easy to wipe away after.


9. Clean your cutting board.

To make sure any raw meat germs are well and truly gone, rub your chopping board with salt and lemon and leave to sit. Simply wash as usual afterwards. Be sure to buy extra salt and lemons for tequila shots!


10. Simple soap.

Clean your barbecue the classic way, without the effort. Once it’s cold, soak the grill in hot, soapy water for a couple of hours, before scrubbing with a sponge. The dirt will come off easily, with no need for wire wool.


11. Get rid of residue.

Make sure there’s no soap residue left on your grill by heating it up after a thorough clean. Put the lid on the barbecue to create some steam. This will banish any soap smells that might transfer to your food.

Happy grilling, everyone!


Guest post provided by Helping.

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