The backyard beckons: Art studio unlocked

Across Australia, countless backyards hold untapped potential, just waiting to be unleashed. 

Laura found the key to hers and unlocked creative freedom with a backyard art studio. 

Could you do the same?

“I’m really happy with how it’s turned out… it’s a great upgrade to my backyard.” 

Untapped artistic potential

Many an Aussie backyard holds unexplored possibilities. It might be potential for relaxation, work, accommodation, or simply storage. But for busy creatives like Laura, a schoolteacher of maths and art, the backyard can be a blank canvas to design a dedicated space for artistic pursuits.  

Tired of constantly packing up the dining table after each painting session, Laura began an online search for small sheds and cabanas. Her existing garden shed, a drab and underutilised space, was relegated to storing the lawnmower.

Yet Laura could see the potential for so much more!  

An online gallery packed with inspiration

Her search led her to Greenspan, where the Melwood range of sheds, studios and garden rooms immediately caught her eye. “I was impressed by the variety of designs and sizes available,” Laura shares.

The online project gallery was also a treasure trove of inspiration. “I liked being able to see what others had done with their Melwood and what they used them for,” she explains.  

The ability to personalise her design and the convenience of a prefabricated, modular building system sealed the deal for Laura.

“I really liked the fact you had a choice of windows, types and sizes, finishes, etc., and that it came as a flat pack that was easily assembled,” she continues.

With her imagination ignited Laura took the next step towards unlocking the creative potential waiting in her backyard. 

Painting the perfect backyard art studio

“I really enjoyed designing the Melwood I wanted,” Laura tells us.

With a multitude of options available, choosing where to begin could have been overwhelming. However, like all Greenspan customers, she was guided by our experienced team. “The staff were fantastic to talk to and very helpful,” Laura recounts.

By exploring the different designs and personalisation possibilties with a Design Solutioneer, Laura was able to visualise her ideal backyard art studio. 

“The examples of completed Melwood cabanas were really helpful,” Laura confirms. And with almost 50 years of helping Australians to unlock the potential of their backyards, there is a lot of inspiration available from past Greenspan customers! 

Light and form

Also guided by the advice of her own teacher and mentor – local artist, Jenny McIntosh – Laura selected a Melwood Mod for its light-filled interior. A standard feature for this design are the highlight windows that ensure internal space is flooded with indirect natural light. The ability to add or remove windows and position them as desired was also key for Laura in creating her optimal art studio environment. 

Once the Melwood design and configuration was finalised, all continued just as effortlessly from there. 

“The timing was really quick once I ordered my Melwood,” Laura confirms. “Organising tradies myself to finish the interior went smoothly,” she adds, mentioning how impressed her builder was with the easy assembly process, describing it as “a piece of cake”.

The finished work of art

Installed to lock up stage in just three days, it was time for the next step in Laura’s creative journey.

Inspired by another customer’s completed Melwood, Laura opted for an external colour scheme of “Woodland Grey” Colorbond® roofing, white windows and pre-primed weatherboard cladding painted in “Shale Grey”.

Internally, white walls continue the bright and airy vibe and provide the perfect backdrop for showcasing her art through an ingenious picture rail and shelving system. Double doors open onto a stunning upgraded Merbau decking entrance. Clever retractable flyscreens allow fresh air to flow freely while keeping unwanted visitors at bay! 

“I’m really happy with how it’s turned out. It looks great inside and out and it’s a great upgrade,” says Laura. 

Artistic freedom unlocked

Laura now has a dedicated backyard art studio and the luxury of leaving her paints and materials readily available; a stark contrast to her previous setup.  “I now have a place to paint where I don’t have to pack everything up each time I finish a painting session,” Laura happily tells us.

Strategically positioned double windows offer a view across her beautiful gardens, packed with native flora and abundant with wildlife. Laura can now fully immerse herself within her art, surrounded by endless inspiration. “I also have a place to hang out in, to just sit and look at the works I’m creating and think about what I need to do in the next step of a piece I’m in the middle of,” she adds. 

Potential awaits

Laura’s story is a reminder of the potential that lies dormant in many backyards, waiting to be unlocked by a well-designed garden studio.

Is it time for you to take a fresh look at your own outdoor space? Let your imagination wander and discover the possibilities within your backyard with a Melwood. 

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Laura’s Melwood is a Mod 12 measuring 3.6m x 3.2m with a Merbau deck measuring 3.6m x 1.3m. 

It features an upgrade to pre-primed weatherboard cladding, aluminium windows in “White”, and Colorbond® roofing in “Woodland Grey”. 

All measurements are approximate. 

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