Standing the test of time 

As a third-generation family business, Greenspan has been enhancing lives with PreCrafted living space solutions for almost 50 years. 

Every structure is carefully planned and crafted with millimetre precision using premium materials.

“It’s sturdy. It hasn’t moved.
It hasn’t leaked.
It’s been wonderful.” 

Built for life

That means there are a LOT of backyards, homes, properties and lives still enhanced with a Greenspan product today. Whether it’s a Cedarspan cabin, cottage or barn, or a garden room, cabana, studio or workshed from the Melwood range, we build for life.  

This is the case for Linda and her husband, who embarked on their Greenspan journey over 25 years ago and are still enjoying their Cedarspan today. 

Inspiration strikes

Inspired by a visit to a display centre, Linda reminisces, “I liked the look of them and how they fit together as a kit.”

Drawn by the aesthetics and the ease of construction, Linda decided to add a Cedarspan barn. 

The rest (as they say), is quite literally history! 

Dividing but not conquering – a shared space 

Little did Linda know at the time that this decision would enhance her lifestyle and property in countless ways. 

The creative addition of an annex enabled the couple to divide the space into two functional zones. This proved invaluable over the coming years.

“The rear section serves as my husband’s well-organised tool shed, while the front area has served as an additional family room for many years,” Linda proudly explains.  

Music takes centre stage

As the years rolled by, the barn’s purpose evolved as music took centre stage. During her sons’ teenage years, it became a crucial haven for them to develop their musical talents. 

“It was a music practice room for two sons who are now professional musicians,” Linda shares with pride. 

Sturdy, separated from the main house, and well-insulated, “It turned out to be a perfect music room for a couple of trombone players,” Linda fondly recalls.

And the Cedarspan’s versatility in supporting musical prowess didn’t stop there. Linda and her husband even transformed it into a space to temporarily host a marching band!  

A different beat 

In later years, the barn‘s role once again transformed.

This time, Linda took it over and it became a dedicated creative sanctuary. 

“I’m using it for my upholstery studio. I do lots of different crafts.” Linda says. 

DIY – Easy as 1, 2, 3

When it came to putting the structure together, Linda’s husband opted for a DIY approach, demonstrating how effortlessly a Greenspan PreCrafted building is installed. 

Armed with the right tools, a little know-how and some assistance from a local apprentice carpenter,

“It went together easily,” Linda reflects. 

English country charm – a bold new look

Selecting a Cedar upgrade added to the barn’s durability and allowed flexibility with finishing touches. Recently enhancing its appearance further, the couple decided to give it a striking feature. “We decided to spruce it up, so we put some black paint on it. It looks really smart, and we went with a red door just because.”  

And the inspiration for this bold new look? 

“I love the look of the English cabins. We travelled a bit, and that certainly was an inspiration,” Linda explains.  

”It’s been wonderful”

Linda’s Cedarspan has stood the test of time, just as it was meant to.

“It’s sturdy. It hasn’t moved. It hasn’t leaked,” Linda confirms.  

With a history like this, it’s no wonder that Linda would recommend a Cedarspan to anyone considering adding additional space to their home.

“It’s been wonderful,” she enthuses. “It’s great quality, very flexible. I wouldn’t hesitate”. 

Linda’s Cedarspan is a 20C30 measuring 5.4m x 3.7m.

It features a cedar cladding upgrade and aluminium windows in “White” and Colorbond® roofing in “Gull Grey”. 

All measurements are approximate. 

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