Santa Claus has come to town

Santa’s Sydney Workshop in Martin Place was needed fast!

A Cedarspan Loft barn came to the rescue.

“It’s as if you’ve plucked my home out of the North Pole and brought it here to Sydney!” 

– Santa –

‘Tis the season

There’s no denying that December is Santa’s busiest time of the year.

It’s a whirlwind month of personal appearances, meticulous list-making (and checking them twice, because he’s a stickler for detail), and finding out who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. 

Santa Claus is coming down under

When he made plans to come to Sydney, Santa realised that shipping his beloved workshop from the North Pole all the way to Australia would prove to be more faff than festive.

And with a tight schedule on arrival, there wasn’t going to be time for him and his elves to build one when they got here; there was an eager audience of children to meet, and they needed to hit the ground running. 

It seems word has spread as far as the North Pole that Greenspan is the quick and easy solution to creating more space for any need. Even festive workshops. And so, Santa got his people to talk to our people.  

Making spirits bright

When we found out how quickly Santa needed his new Sydney base to be ready, we weren’t fazed. We knew that we could create the perfect design and get our own workshop team busy in production to bring it together in time.  

But there was another challenge. Once delivered, Santa’s workshop needed to be painted and installed in just three days, tops. This close to Christmas and with such short notice? That could prove tricky.  

The modular panels are crafted with precision and go together so quickly and easily that capable DIYers can even install our buildings themselves. But we knew Santa and his helpers had their own busy schedules.

So, Greenspan stepped in again and found a partner installer who could work his own Christmas magic. After all – it was Santa! And think of all those excited children! We needed to come together to make this happen. 

Jingling all the way

Our Design Solutioneers and the Christmas elves got busy creating the perfect design for Santa’s Workshop in Martin Place. We wanted to create a home away from home for the big man and bring the enchantment of his real-life house to the people of Sydney.  

With his North Pole workshop replicated on paper, our own team of elves worked tirelessly to PreCraft it and bring it to 3D reality. And just 10 days later it was delivered, ready to be painted and installed, all of which happened in less than three days! The magic of Christmas! 

And so, throughout December, Santas Workshop in Martin Place is abuzz with festive spirit, bringing Christmas joy to visiting families. It’s the perfect welcome for our temporary visitor, right underneath the biggest Christmas tree in NSW. He tells us he feels right at home. 

Bringing joy to the world

Santa will be in his Workshop in Martin Place up until Christmas Eve when, of course, he needs to head out and start delivering those presents.

If you haven’t yet visited, and are in the area, head on down and tell Santa we sent you. Even the family pets are welcome! You’ll get a great photo to cherish the memory and will also get to see just what you can do with a Cedarspan barn! In the spirit of Christmas, Santa will give a donation to the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation for every photo package. 

And we’d love to share in your magical experience – upload your photos to your favourite socials and tag us so we can see them @GreenspanBuildings 

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas

Meanwhile, it’s tools down for the elves in our own workshop. We’re all taking a short break, ready to come back on 8 January recharged for another busy year ahead! 

From all of us at the Greenspan Team, we wish you a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and we look forward to helping bring more dreams to life in 2024! 

Santa’s Workshop in Martin Place is a Cedarspan 30CHL50, measuring 9m x 5.6m.

Santa personalised his design to replicate his home in the North Pole. He stained the Board and Batten cladding, and added barn doors, aluminium colonial windows in “White” and Colorbond® roofing in “Manor Red”.

All measurements are approximate. 

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