A luxury outdoor laundry oasis

For years, Vicki had made do with a 90-year-old shed to house her outdoor laundry facilities.

Plans to change this with major house renovations were shelved when she found a far better solution. Now she has a luxurious space that makes doing the laundry a pleasure. And one that is also a zen den in which to relax and unwind.

“It is now a favourite and very special space.” 

A renovation-stopping solution

Vicki’s house in Sydney’s southern suburbs was lacking a little bit of space. The one and only bathroom had sacrificed its bathtub during renovations and contained the home’s single toilet. What’s more, the laundry room was relegated to the ancient 90-year-old shed in the back yard which desperately needed replacing.

So, plans were in the works to replace the dilapidated shed and to embark on some larger scale house renovations to upgrade the laundry and create some additional bathroom space. “We needed a second toilet and a bath,” she says.

But then Vicki stumbled across a much better idea! One that would transform her unsightly shed into something extraordinary. And one that stopped those complicated, lengthy and expensive renovation plans in their tracks.

The ‘aha’ moment

Happening across one of our Display Centres, Vicki found our Melwood range of sheds, cabanas, garden rooms and studios.

“They looked perfect as a replacement for our backyard shed,” she tells us.

But that wasn’t all.

“We were shown how we could adapt the internal spaces for a laundry and a bathroom,” she continues. It was a three in one solution, the opportunity to replace the shed, incorporate an outdoor laundry and create a much-desired bathroom oasis.

Just like that, everything she needed was presented in one quick and easy solution.

An easier path

Renovating and extending meant facing a lengthy council approval process, months of building works and disruption, plus a lot of expense!

A Melwood Mod would not only be a stylish replacement to the existing shed but could continue to house the laundry and also incorporate a bathroom. All within weeks, not months, with little disruption or stress, and at less cost. It was a decision that wasn’t even up for debate! 

“It was very easy and staff were helpful…also helped us with council requirements,” Vicki recalls of the process.

And in a fraction of the time that it would have taken to undergo a full renovation of the house, her Melwood Mod was designed, PreCrafted, delivered and installed, ready to transform into a luxury outdoor laundry and bathroom. 

An outdoor laundry and an oasis of luxury

And does a more stylish outdoor laundry exist?

A far cry from the dilapidated old shed that it replaced, Vicki’s Mod is a sleek, contemporary space that makes doing the laundry an absolute pleasure! Triple glass doors open into the bright and light space inside, which embraces a fusion of rustic-modern industrial elements. Concrete, copper, stone and chunky raw timber meet clean, white minimalist lines; a striking aesthetic thoughtfully softened by rattan and wicker accent accessories.

Keeping the laundry outdoors has proven to be a very practical decision, Vicki says. “The laundry being separate from the house is good, as the heat and noise are contained in the shed” she explains.

But this space goes beyond the practicalities of being an outdoor laundry room.

The Pièce de Résistance

Also incorporated is a decadent bathroom that looks like it was plucked straight from a luxurious day spa, elevating the modern industrial palette to new levels. The feature timber vanity topped with a stunning stone basin exudes rustic elegance. A deep, modern soaking tub invites relaxation at the end of a long day. For an invigorating start to the morning, the copper rain shower beckons.

Extending the zen nature of this space, with the doors thrown open onto the deck to enjoy the fresh air and garden, it’s also the perfect place to roll out a mat for some yoga practice. Laundry chores aside, it’s a serene retreat that Vicki could not be without.

“It is now a favourite and very special space,” she says, “Sunset is a particularly nice time”.

Another surprising role

But the Melwood’s role has extended beyond laundry and self-care.

Several years ago, in her role as EO of The Australian Ceramics Association, Vicki managed the Australian Ceramics Open Studio event, an annual celebration of ceramic art held across the country.

During the 2018 edition of this event, Vicki’s Melwood Mod underwent a temporary transformation, becoming an open studio for a colleague to exhibit her works. The industrial aesthetic of the space provided a stunning backdrop for showcasing the ceramics.

“It looked great!” Vicki reminisces.

Reimagining ordinary spaces

What began as an unsightly burden – a rundown shed taking up space in the backyard – transformed into the ultimate extension of Vicki’s home and lifestyle.

By discovering the Melwood range, she was able to create a luxury outdoor sanctuary that elevates even the most mundane chores into indulgent experiences. From the chic, rustic-modern design aesthetic to the spa-worthy bathroom retreat, her Melwood Mod has become the backyard oasis Vicki never knew she was missing. It’s a multipurpose space for laundry, relaxation, rejuvenating self-care rituals, and peaceful alone time surrounded by nature’s calming embrace.  

With some inspiration and the right expert guidance, even the most underutilised corners of your home can be reimagined into creatively repurposed spaces.

So, what would you do?

Vicki’s Melwood is a Mod 15 measuring 5.4m x 2.6m.

It features board and batten cladding, timber doors, aluminium windows in “White” and custom Colorbond® roofing in “Cottage Green”. 

All measurements are approximate.

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