Need extra room, not an extra mortgage?

We live in an era where our homes are asked to do more than ever before. And this means that Aussie houses, especially in inner city areas, seem to be shrinking in size!

It’s not always an option to extend or renovate when you need extra room. 

So what do you do?

“It provides a nice quiet space to work in.”

A smart move

When faced with needing extra room, some families might consider moving house and upgrading to a larger home.

But for many, this is unfeasible in today’s property market. Rising house prices, high mortgage rates, and the increasing costs associated with moving are making this out of the question. “How can we get more space without moving?” seems to be an ever-present dilemma in this day and age. 

This is where installing a multi-purpose, highly functional garden room stands out as the ideal solution. It’s a way to gain extra space quickly and easily, without all the stress, upheaval and expense of extending, renovating or moving.

And this is exactly what Lora and Chris did when they found themselves in need of extra room.

Difficult dilemma, simple solution

Like so many, Chris and Lora were grappling with the need for more room without the means or desire to move house.

“We wanted some extra space to use as an office/storage/music/sitting room,” they explain.

And they realised a garden room was a way to expand their living space without expanding their mortgage. 

Their online search for the perfect versatile space led them to Greenspan and our Melwood range. “We found Melwood through the internet and visited a showroom close to our house,” says Lora. “One of the options was exactly the size and specs we were looking for.”

With their perfect solution and design discovered, it was time to bring their much-needed extra room into being; a process Lora describes as, “Very straightforward”.

“We booked an appointment at the showroom online and the design consultant went through the options with us and then visited onsite to finalise plans,” Lora recalls. 

The perfect fit

It was a Melwood Workshed 3236 that caught their eye with its classic good looks.

At almost 12m2, it was compact enough for the area they had in their backyard while spacious enough to serve multiple purposes and fulfil the need for more room. The design and size were perfect, and with an array of personalisation options, they could also perfect the finer details.  

Selecting the gable end as the facade, they upgraded this side to pre-primed weatherboard cladding and added double colonial doors. To complement the greenery of their lush garden and the rear verandah of their house, they opted for a custom Colorbond® roof in “Cottage Green’.

Once installed, the cladding was painted a soft grey-green to tie in with the exterior colour of their home, with doors and windows in a crisp, clean white. 

A room with many talents

What makes a Melwood garden room so appealing is its incredible versatility. Chris and Lora’s Workshed perfectly illustrates this adaptability. They envisioned a space that could serve multiple purposes, and that’s exactly what they got.;

Currently, the Melwood is primarily Chris’ domain, used in the main as his home office and music room.

Like many professionals in 2024, Chris frequently works from home. “It provides a nice quiet space to work in,” Lora tells us on his behalf. This dedicated workspace, separate from the main living area, has become crucial for many remote workers, offering a focused environment free from the distractions of home life.

Having a separate space for his musical pursuits has been a game-changer for the couple’s home life. Previously, Lora had resigned herself to music being made inside the house, but now she can enjoy some peace and quiet. While Chris is at the end of the garden, playing his heart out, Lora can watch TV, read a book, or simply relax in the main house without disturbance. This arrangement has brought a new harmony to their home, allowing both of them to enjoy their preferred activities without compromise.

Versatility in action

But the Melwood’s functionality doesn’t end there.

As well as housing a piano and Chris’s collection of electric guitars – bulky items that previously cramped their small heritage home – it offers valuable extra storage for this family of four. And in the imminent future, they plan to declutter and create a fourth purpose for this versatile little space. “We also plan to use it as a sitting room,” Lora advises. 

With two pre-teens, it’s likely that the need for extra room will only increase for Chris and Lora! The beauty of a Melwood lies in its ability to evolve with a family’s changing needs. While Chris and Lora are currently using their Melwood as an office, music studio, storage space and, soon, an occasional sitting room, they have the flexibility to repurpose it as their needs change over time.

In the future, they might decide to transform it into a guest room, a teen hangout space, a home gym, or a dedicated hobby room for retirement years.

This adaptability ensures that their investment continues to add value to their lifestyle, and their home, for years to come. 

Need more room?

When faced with the need for extra room and weighing up the options, many homeowners find a Melwood garden room offers the best value for money and most straightforward solution. It provides the additional space needed without the astronomical costs associated with relocating or major renovations. 

For Chris and Lora, their Melwood has given them the additional space they needed, without the financial burden and emotional turmoil of moving home or undertaking major building works. This is an increasingly attractive option for many Australian families.

Whether you need a home office, a creative studio, extra storage, or simply a place to relax, a garden room can adapt to your needs, providing the perfect balance of functionality and flexibility. It offers a way to create the extra room you need without uprooting your life or taking on a massive renovation project.

So, if you find yourself in need of more room, consider following in Chris and Lora’s footsteps. A Melwood might just be the versatile space solution you’ve been looking for – a way to expand your living space without expanding your mortgage.

Chris and Lora’s Melwood is a Workshed 3236 measuring 3.2m x 3.6m.

The facade features an upgrade from board and batten to pre-primed weatherboard cladding. The design has been further personalised with double timber 10lite doors, aluminium windows in “White”, and custom Colorbond® roofing in “Cottage Green”.

All measurements are approximate.

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