A country cabin love story 

“It was the love of my life.” 

These are the words Genny uses to describe the country cabin that was far more to her than just a home.

It was a cherished dream, a labour of love, and a sanctuary for her small family. Some years have passed since Genny and her husband, Steven, sold their property, but the memories of their beautiful country cottage remain etched in their hearts. 

With our company history going back almost 50 years, we have a lot of stories to tell! We are currently enjoying reliving some of these as we dive deep into our Greenspan heritage and history.

Genny and Steven’s love story goes back decades and has to be one of our favourites!

“I had it posted on my fridge for years.”

Love at first sight

The idea of owning a charming cabin in the country had been a constant presence in Genny’s life for many years. Initially inspired by overseas travel, Genny and Steven had always thought that one day they’d live in a cabin just like the ones they saw while skiing in America. Then, while flicking through Country Style magazine one day, Genny came across an advert for a Cedarspan cabin. And that was it! “I said to Steven, that’s the one I want,” she recalls. 

Clipped from the magazine and popped on her fridge, the picture stayed there as inspiration for years. 

First dates

With the passing of Genny’s mum and the receipt of a small inheritance, the couple were able to purchase a small block of land in rural NSW. Finally, their cabin dream began to take shape. 

The couple recall the journey from planning to building fondly.  

“We didn’t want a big cabin. We wanted an intimate space that both of us could enjoy,” Steven says. It turns out that a Cedarspan Cathedral 30C30 was the ideal design to fulfill both their vision and budget. 

“From the day that I saw it in the magazine to going to meet Doug and what a wonderful person he was, it was meant to be,” Genny tells us. 

A labour of love

With plans drawn up, and the PreCrafted Cedarspan delivered to their rural site, it was time to install. And this, too, was a labour of love. “So many people were involved and had some little piece of them there. That’s what made it special,” Genny tells us.

A family and community affair, a local handyman from the nearby town of Neville assisted in the install process, with Genny recalling, “It was the windiest day!” Installed and with fitout complete, Genny’s sister and niece helped with the staining. And the finishing touch? A rustic sign naming the new country cabin ‘Scooter’s Lodge’ after Genny and Steven’s dog.

It was finally complete, after all those years of it being just a dream.  

Scooter loved the cabin as much as Steven and Genny. “We wanted somewhere he could roam and enjoy himself,” they tell us. Another dream come true.  

Forever in the heart

This idyllic rural retreat became a much-loved weekender for Genny, Steven and Scooter. Acknowledgment of the dream being made possible, it was the perfect place to keep Genny’s mum’s things. And all of Genny’s collectables from living in the US and Canada were housed in the cabin, a tribute to its inspiration. 

All good things must come to an end though. When the time came, many years later, to part with her beloved cabin, it was a tough decision for Genny. “We’ve had some lovely homes, but there is nothing that will ever mean to me as much as that place,” she fondly recounts. “I can’t talk about it without having a cry.” 

“It was one of the greatest achievements of our lives.” she sums up. 

‘Love letters’

We’ve also enjoyed looking back on some correspondence from Genny and Steven, to second-generation Greenspan family member, Doug.

Dear Doug  
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Matthew and all the team at Cedarspan for the outstanding and excellent customer service provided to us. Your thorough attention to detail, follow-up and efficiency made the entire process a pleasure and it is a credit to you. The cabin was delivered to our building site in perfect order and it looks beautiful.
Genny & Steven 

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