A wooden workshop for working with wood 

We say our timber garden studios are built to last and it’s a claim we can proudly back up with evidence.

Like this cute as a button Melwood Verandah, going strong and still very much loved 22 years later! 

“It’s fantastic; I wouldn’t be without it.”

Timber garden studio verandah

A lasting legacy

For Heather and Patricia, their timber garden studio has stood the test of time and been a significant part of their lives. 

The two former teachers invested in their Melwood in 2002, keen to pursue their creative passions for woodworking, crafts and card-making from home. Over two decades later, they still have fond memories of their experience, so much so they have held on to their original paperwork! 

A slightly different way of doing things compared to the technology-driven world of 2024, “We found them in the Yellow Pages way back in those days,” they reminisce.

But some things haven’t changed. Like the customer service that we pride ourselves on after five decades in business. Patricia and Heather tell us, “Sometimes two women dealing with companies you get a bit of a ‘what would you know?’ particularly back then and we just found that everybody was really helpful.” 

A wooden studio for lovers of wood

Heather and Patricia chose the Verandah 15 and, as wood lovers, naturally opted for a cedar cladding upgrade. Of course, handcrafted cedar double-hung windows, a colonial door and a decked verandah complete the traditional cute-as-a-button log cabin aesthetic.

And we’re not the only ones who think this. Backing onto a reserve, the little timber garden studio nestles into the garden and attracts the eye of passers-by. 

“We often have people stop and say ‘geez that’s a great looking shed what do you use it for?’,” Heather tells us. But she’s quick to correct any reference to their beloved studio with “It’s not a shed. It’s a studio!” 

A timber garden studio for two

We couldn’t think of a more perfect pursuit to take place within the four walls of this beautiful timber garden studio. With woodwork the main activity inside, Patrica and Heather have created a workshop that even we envy!

Surrounded by the aroma of cedar and handcrafted woods, this well-organised timber garden studio is an inspirational workshop to rival our own! It’s a place where you could easily lose sense of time and become absorbed in your work. So, it’s no surprise to hear from Heather, “It’s fantastic; I wouldn’t be without it. I go around the back; I disappear, I come back for meals”.  

And after 22 years of crafting in this space, their woodworking skills have certainly been perfected! We’re impressed! 

Timeless beauty

Patricia and Heather’s timber garden studio has outlasted its 10-year structural warranty, just as it was built to do.

“If you look at it now, you wouldn’t think that it was 20 years old. The roof is still great, and we haven’t had any issues with leaks or anything like that,” Heather confirms.

Their meticulous care and love over the years has ensured, that just like these ladies, their woodwork studio has aged with grace.  

“Over the 20 years since it was built, we’ve recoated it with Cedarshield every couple of years, which Doug recommended to keep it in good condition,” explains Heather.

While western red cedar is naturally resilient to the elements, it’s just another layer of protection, while serving the dual purpose of bringing out the natural warmth and tones of the timber. 

Read more about the amazing properties of Western Red Cedar here. 

The North Rocks residents say they’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. “With the experience that we had, we wouldn’t hesitate. We certainly got value for money. We couldn’t have done better,” Heather confirms. 

Heather and Patricia’s Melwood is a Verandah 15 measuring 5.4m x 2.6m with a deck measuring 5.4m x 1.3m. 

It features a cedar cladding upgrade, handcrafted cedar windows and colonial door, and Colorbond® roofing in “Pale Eucalypt”. 

All measurements are approximate. 

Timber garden studio from front

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