I have just had a Melwood Cabana installed in my back yard.
Firstly, aesthetically it has made a striking difference. Just looking at it really give a WOW factor.
Secondly, structurally it is very sound and solid. The materials that were used were of excellent quality. Moreover, construction-wise, the fabrication and installation was meticulous in the extreme. Having said that, I have had a a couple of tradesmen who were doing renovations on my home, and they have all commented on what a wonderful job that they did. That was comforting to me that this was coming from other tradesmen
Thirdly, and probably most importantly, is that this is a family-owned AUSTRALIAN company, and you deal directly with the boss and his sons and daughters. I have already recommended Melwood to a number of my friends.
Finally, the job was started on time and finished, very smartly, on time, and on budget.
I would therefor have no hesitation in recommending Melwood for any project

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