Why you need a home office…

Let us give you 10 good reasons why you cannot afford to not invest in a backyard home office:

Better work/life balance

Work/life balance, the aspiration of the modern professional, is often achieved and tuned to satisfaction through a working at home arrangement, particularly when a professional has the flexibility to report into the office and work from the office partially as an option and can fine-tune the arrangement to achieve the most optimal balance.

Save money

To own and commute to work in the CBD five days a week by car, costs the average Australian commuter an indicative average cost of $11,031 each year (WANG 2013). By working from home you cut many hidden costs associated with going to work. These include costs of commuting, car wear and tear, fuel, registration, parking as well as indirect costs such as the maintenance and dry-cleaning of expensive professional wardrobes.

Reduce Tax

The biggest advantage of having a separate, portable office of this kind is that it entitles you to claim it off your tax bill as an asset used solely for business use.

Reduce stress

Everyday irritations such as waiting in traffic can build up over time and cause mental problems later in life, psychologists found. The stress of commuting in bumper-to-bumper traffic at rush hour in many countries is extremely counterproductive and can lead to disgruntled workers who are already exhausted and worn before they have even begun their day. This is especially true where the workplace is far from the office. Other stresses often cited include unfriendly co-workers, a suboptimal work environment and constant distractions.

Increase productivity

Removed from the stresses and distractions of the workplace and working independently in their own preferred environment at their own pace, professionals are often a lot happier and a lot more productive.

Less distractions

Co-workers banter and distractions, unnecessary interruptions, unimportant meetings can all be avoided if you are safely at home and sealed off in your own environment which you have barricaded from any possible interruptions.

Better health

As most of us know only too well, even at the best of times they’re just plain infuriating – but being stuck in one queue or traffic jam too many could spark more than simply a foul mood – it can lead to severe mental disorder, a study claims. Often with long commutes and anywhere from 1 to 3 hours a day spent getting to and from the workplace both physical and mental health are adversely impacted; the former as the gym hours are usually the first to go and the latter due to the stresses associated with both the commute and the workplace itself. By working at home the commuting time saved enables you to resume physical exercise, to go for a long walk for example before and after work or to join a local gym.


This doesn’t just relate to timings either although the flexibility to determine your own work hours to some extent is the most important aspect of this. You can also determine your environment, lighting, temperature, setting, mood; basically work in the framework that suits you best and makes you happiest and most productive.

Proximity to home and family

For many, the physical proximity to family and the convenience of being at home are tremendously comforting.

For parents it can be especially pacifying to know that they are very near to their children and available should they be needed for any reason. Often you can also save on older children’s and elderly care arrangements.

Environmentally friendly

With eight out of ten Australians travelling to work by car and driving over 400 million kilometres a day (BITRE 2008), there’s no question that the biggest impact working from home can have is on reducing transportation emissions. By investing in a backyard home office you not only save money but also do your bit for our environment.

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Financial disclaimer-The information provided in this post is general information only. Before acting on this information you should consider the appropriateness of the information, having regard to your own objectives, financial situation and needs. Please consult a professional in that taxation field before proceeding with your purchases that you may use for deduction purposes.

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