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Here’s our top 9 photos from 2018, as liked and chosen by you.

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1. Espace garden room becomes a sleek & stylish Bat Hospital

This sleek and sophisticated Espace Garden Room is more than just a statement in the backyard. It’s now a hospital for rescued bats! After being rescued, disadvantaged bats are treated and cared for here in the hospital until they are ready to be released back into their natural habitat.

Design: Espace Garden Room 2000. 

2. A classic backyard retreat on Sydneys North Shore

Classic in colour and design, this Porch Cabana transformed a narrow paved backyard into a stylish retreat. By ordering double french doors and double hung windows in white, and then painting the cabana the same colour as the home, this cabana looks ‘right at home’ in the backyard. 

Design: Porch Cabana No.20

3. Kids retreat becomes Mums retreat

Helen’s hamptons-style cabana is a team favourite. By choosing a combination of our Porch & Verandah Design, Helen was able to create an L-shaped deck area on two sides of her cabana. She says “the cabana was going to be the kids retreat, but now it’s my retreat! My beach house without the beach!”. [intlink id=”6848″ type=”post”]Read more about Helen\’s cabana here.[/intlink]

Design: Combined Porch & Verandah Cabana No.20

4. This Mosman family added space to their home in 5 weeks

Like most Sydney homeowners, this Mosman family needed one thing: space! By adding a garden room to their property, they got one more room’s worth of space, in just 5 weeks! The cabana has also been painted to match the home, making it look ‘part of the home’. [intlink id=”7446″ type=”post”]Click here to see more photos of this garden room.[/intlink]

Design: Workshop 5432 with cedar cladding, double doors & sidelights and custom double doors. 

5. Colorbond walls for a bush retreat 

Bushfire zone? We’ve got you covered. Properties in or near bush areas often require special modifications, and are given a BAL level to work in with. Talk to our team to see how we can customise your garden room to comply with the specifications for your property, even if it means putting colorbond on the walls like we did for this garden room!

Design: Verandah Cabana No.18 with double doors and custom Colorbond cladding.

6. Smooth cedar cladding, applied by hand (& on display at Neutral Bay)

The Sophisticated One : our Neutral Bay Espace is a favourite in person and in photos. Smooth premium cedar boards, applied one-by-one, by the hands of our skilled craftsmen. The Espace Garden room is a work of art that will improve your property value and impress the socks off your friends. Intrigued? Why not take a look at it for yourself, at our Neutral Bay display centre. [intlink id=”28″ type=”page”]Click here for locations & opening hours. [/intlink]

Design: Espace Garden Room 2000. 

7. A double serve of double doors (recommended by experts).

A very popular combination, adding two sets of doors to your garden room really opens the room up to the backyard. Enjoy more sunlight in colder months, and fling the doors open and let alllll the fresh air and sunlight in during warmer months!

Ps. This is what ‘lock up stage’ looks like, and how your Melwood Garden Room will look at the end of the 1-day install. This is ready for you to add services and finishings if you like, or it can be used as is. 

(Tip: the flooring that comes with your garden room can be stained to seal and finish it. This is quick & easy to DIY, cost effective and looks great!)

Design: Workshop5432

8. Colourscheme inspo for an elegant Garden Room

This gorgeous Victorian home represents one of the most popular colourschemes we’ve seen in Garden Rooms this year. Classic combinations of greys, with white accents, and stained decking produces an elegant look that will last for years to come. 

9. A ‘blank canvas’ Porch Cabana ready for a lick of paint.

Literally a blank canvas, this Porch Cabana is going to be an artist retreat!Our talented client is going on to study art after the HSC, and this will be the perfect place to perfect & complete artwork and study in peace!

Design: Porch Cabana No.20 Size: 6.3m x 3.2m


Top 9 Photos of 2018 | Melwood Cabanas and Garden Rooms


So, that sums up the top 9 photos of 2018! Were yousurprised by the top 9? Intrigued by the backstories? 

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