Robert and Jane’s Melwood coastal cabins at Mackerel Beach

Two Melwood timber cabins were transported by boat to Mackerel Beach in Sydney’s Northern Beaches where they were built to last for generations to come.


Two Melwood cabins were transported by boat to Mackerel Beach in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Transported by barge from Palm Beach Wharf to a secluded sub-tropical rainforest on Great Mackerel Beach, two Melwood garden rooms set sail. Did they make it safely to shore?

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On the western side of Pittwater about 43 kilometres north of the Sydney CBD are two Melwood timber sheds that stand proudly upon rocky hills with tropical bushland as its backdrop.

Robert & Jane’s wooden cabin | Melwood Cabanas

Robert and Jane purchased two Melwood Verandahs for their peaceful property on Great Mackerel Beach, which lies between the vast sea of the eastern coast and the tip of Kuring-gai National Park.

Great Mackerel Beach is as tranquil as it is pristine, occupied by some 30 residents in total. Located within a remote part of the Northern Beaches, Mackerel Beach has no road access.

Robert & Jane’s timber sheds | Melwood Cabanas
The sand on the beach is the result of sandstone flowing down the Hawkesbury River and is soft and golden.

However, as demonstrated here, there are few limitations when it comes to adding extra space for the experts at Greenspan. Despite Mackerel Beach being only accessible by boat, not one but two Melwood wooden garden sheds were transported and installed successfully.

Due to its panel kit design, Melwood cedar sheds can be transported in sections. This is a handy and cost-effective alternative for those who can’t afford or access a crane to lift an entire garden room structure onto their property. With Melwood cabanas engineered to be demountable, getting a wooden cabin on and offsite could be done in as little as one day.

Great Mackerel Beach
En route from Palm Beach Wharf to Great Mackerel Beach

Professional Melwood installers set sail on calm and crystal-clear waters from Palm Beach Wharf, fully equipped with the kit cabins, an SUV, a trailer and tools. And no boat can be without its trusty captain and crew, who also undertook loading and unloading from ship to shore, with the help of a trusty hydraulic arm at the dock.

Robert & Jane’s wood shed kits | Melwood Cabanas
The view of Mackerel Beach from the bargo, en route from Palm Beach Wharf.

The installers then travelled to a flattened site carved out of a 45-degree mountain slope and quickly got to work with assembly. Firstly, concrete piers, footing pads, and elevated decking were installed, followed by the addition of a grid floor system and wall panels, consisting of external board and batten cladding. Roof framing and trussing were next with the Colorbond® roof, gutters, and downpipes in “Surfmist” the final step.

Robert & Jane’s timber sheds | Melwood Cabanas
Unloading took place with the help of a trusty hydraulic arm at the dock.
Robert & Jane’s timber sheds | Melwood Cabanas
From ship to shore: the timber sheds arrive safely on Mackerel Beach.

Robert and Jane were presented with two impressive backyard cabins joined by open decking, with one of the structures featuring a fully covered verandah facing north-east to catch those seaside sunrises.

Extra windows and doors, internal partitioning and professional pre-painting of the exterior were included in the overall design, as per Robert and Jane’s request, resulting in a peaceful beachside place to unwind.

Later on, internal linings and solar panels were added. Furniture and an outdoor BBQ transformed the wood shed kits into warm and inviting spaces for the family to relax.

Robert & Jane’s cedar sheds | Melwood Cabanas

Jane says, “We had those cabins until a couple of weeks ago when we sold the property. We got them seven years ago and it’s still in really good condition, they still look good.”

The property was first purchased in 1987 for $52,500 and sold decades later in 2022 for $865,000. And far removed from the original Mackerel Beach fibro shacks built as fishermen’s cottages since 1920, the waterfront weekender is destined to last for generations to come.

While no longer owners of the timber sheds, Jane still remembers them as a fun place to visit.

“Thank you very much for those, they were very useful and we’d recommend you again.”


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