NEW Weatherboard Cladding now available

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve got a new pre-primed weatherboard option available for your Melwood Garden Room.

This smooth, sleek weatherboard is a great alternative to Cedar and has a range of benefits, which we’ve outlined below.

Save time

As these weatherboards are pre-primed, & ready to paint, you’ll be able to start painting your garden room as soon as it’s installed. 

The smooth finish also ensures a neat, easy paint application – and a better look overall. 


This pre-primed weatherboard is a 100% renewable resource and is made from the trimmings of hardwood plantation timber.

More than just being renewable, this cladding has a negative carbon footprint – which reduces the impact on our environment and creates a better, cleaner future. 

Classic, Decorative Finish

The finish of these Classic Weatherboards will give your garden room a unique but traditional appearance.

Ideal for creating a chic coastal or Hamptons-inspired look. 

Melwood Cabana Mod No.23
Weatherboards create a classic, coastal look on this Melwood Mod No.23 in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.  7.2m x 3.6m
Melwood Workshop 3254 in Mosman, NSW
Painted weatherboards create a traditional look for this Melwood Workshop 3254 in Mosman, NSW. (5.4m x 3.2m)


By using only the best materials in our Garden Rooms, we ensure that your Melwood will be a quality investment that will stand the test of time.

Durable materials, such as this hardy weatherboard, and quality construction combine to create a sturdy, reliable building that gives you the space you need. 

This cladding option is suitable for use in properties with a rating of up to BAL19. If your property has a higher BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) rating than this, mention it to our team and we can let you know what upgrades are required to create the right garden room for your property.

Australian Made

This new pre-primed cladding is Australian made from Australian hardwood.

Designed to take the harsh Aussie weather, and keep your garden room cozy year-long.

By choosing Melwood for your Garden Room, you’re supporting local Australian businesses, and keeping Australians employed. 

Smooth, pre-primed Australian weatherboards

To find out more about this new cladding, or any of our other Garden Room options, click here to schedule a call with our friendly team. 

For inspiration on how to decorate & use your Melwood Garden Room, view our gallery.

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