Working out at Home? A Guide to Your Home Gym Setup

Every day now, more and more of us are spending all day at home, juggling the airspace with partners, kids and pets who are also all staying inside. 

While we all adjust to this new normal, it’s important to keep some of our daily routines in place. There’s never been a more important time to invest in our mental & physical fitness.

With gyms & fitness centres closed across the country, and winter weather closing in, most of us are finding it hard to fit in our daily workout.  

Until now.

Meet the Backyard Home Gym Setup

A separate, dedicated space to workout. Away from the noise and distractions of family, and just a few steps from your home.


home gym workout machines in a Melwood Backyard Gym Shed
It’s important to have a dedicated space to set up your Home Gym. This is inside our client’s Melwood Verandah Cabana No.15 in Western Sydney.


The importance of exercise

With the world feeling a bit out of our control, now is the perfect time to take control of our health & fitness by building daily exercise into our schedules.

Regular exercise is essential for supporting healthy immune function, boosting your mood and helping you focus.


A dedicated workout space in your own backyard gym shed

Whether you use a treadmill, weights or simply an app & yoga mat to get your workout done, there’s nothing like having space to work out where you won’t be interrupted by the rest of the family (or have your workout music shared to your husband’s work Zoom meeting)!

Pilates and yoga expert Ellen Barrett recommends creating a comfortable, dedicated space that you can leave set up & ready for your daily workout. “I have a yoga mat always laid out…ready for me to meditate in or do light stretching or do more intense barefoot workouts”.1


Ben's Melwood Mod Cabana and Backyard Gym
Ben’s Melwood Home Gym is the Mod Cabana No.18


This is why a backyard Home Gym setup is so popular with Aussie homeowners. It’s close to your home, but completely separate. You can have your equipment always set up & ready to go, without having to pack it all away to make space for something else.

Click here to find out How to Setup a Home Gym.


And the best bit? This space is multipurpose.

Carolyn uses her Melwood as a multipurpose Home Gym + Hobby Space. She says “During nice weather, I open up the French doors and overlook the gardens. At other times, I keep it closed, roll up the blinds and still enjoy the lovely outlook.  Thanks again for my wonderful cabana!”

Click here to view more of Carolyn’s Home Gym.

Melwood Verandah Cabana No.15. Home Gym Hobby Room
Carolyn’s Home Gym is the Melwood Verandah Cabana No.15.  At 5.4 x 2.6m, it provides plenty of space inside without taking over the backyard.

Melwood Garden Rooms are secure, sturdy buildings which are built to comply with Building Standards, and comfortable enough to spend time in, year-round! They can be used in a range of ways to suit your family’s current needs. Study space? Home Office? Storage Area? Movie Room – or perhaps a ‘Sanctuary away from the house’ – which is exactly what Ben & his wife use theirs for!

Ben’s home gym is the Mod Cabana No.18. He says “it’s used as a backyard gym mostly, though it also serves as a sanctuary away from the house (and the kids!!)”

ben's Melwood Backyard Home Gym
Ben’s Home Gym setup:  inside the Melwood Mod Cabana No.18

Ready to get started?

We are still open! And ready to help you get your home gym underway.

Building is currently classed as an essential industry, so we are still able to help you with your extra space needs.
All of our buildings are made right here in Sydney, and we don’t rely on overseas suppliers or manufacturers.
We’re ready to deliver and install your garden room with our contactless, one-day service.
Adding a garden room to your backyard is quicker & easier than most people realise.
The whole process can be completed in just a few weeks, and we’re here to hold your hand & show you exactly what to do. Council approval is often not required, making a Melwood Garden Room one of the quickest & easiest home improvements you can do!
The first step is to download the brochure which shows you all designs, sizes & pricing.
Click here to download our Garden Room Brochure.
We’ll be in touch in the next few days to answer your questions and help you bring your garden room to life!
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