How to Create (& Run) a Great Cellar Door

For a lot of Australian wineries, whether established or just starting out, creating a cellar door to welcome the public to your property is becoming essential.

While setting up a cellar door may seem a daunting task, done right, it has the potential to boost revenue & brand recognition in a big way.

Here are a few tips for creating a great Cellar Door, from the ground up.

1. The Entry (how to create a good First Impression)

If your winery is on acreage, you need to have a noticeable entry to get attention. If the entrance to your property just looks like a farm, or a private property, people will be hesitant to go in.

There a few ways to make your property entrance stand out to passers by.

Firstly, distinctive signage.

It’s a good idea to have your brand/logo visible, along with what you offer.

Signs describing your property should be to the point & clear – remember they’ll be read by people who are passing at approx 60km/h!

A quality gate is another essential part of your property entrance. This creates a first impression of your property for guests

If you don’t have a gate, or currently have a wire farm gate at the entrance to your property, it’s time to fix that. Take a look at countrystyletimberfarmgates.

Create a cozy, welcoming building to host your Cellar Door 

There are a few options for creating the building for your cellar door.

  1. Brick and mortar or traditional building – this is a long process, can depend on getting a builder who will come to your property, and has availability in their schedule (they’re all flat out at the moment!).
  2. Tin sheds – while a tin shed might seem a cheap option – it’s exactly that. Unfortunately, this means they’re very hot and uncomfortable under the Aussie summer sun! Remember, the summer months are when Aussies venture out to explore wineries and visit your cellar door. Keep in mind that you’ll need a lot of aircon and insulation to turn a tin shed into a successful cellar door.
  3. A Timber Loft Barn – handcrafted and stylish, but faster than traditional building. Cedarspan loft barns are created in our factory in Sydney, so putting it together on your property can be done in under a week. Another bonus? Being timber, our barns are made just like a timber-framed home – so you can add insulation, wall linings and services. Elevated lofts are also available, which make a great storage area for your cellar door, and maximise your floorspace.

Make it photo-worthy!

You’ll want to make sure that there are a few areas on your property that make a great backdrop for photos.

Ideally, have your brand shown here too, so when visitors take photos and share them online, your brand is getting recognition as well.

Even just a side of your building with the company name above makes a great backdrop for photos.

A beautiful example of this is Keith Tulloch’s Hunter Valley winery (pictured below).

Another great example of creating photo-worthy scenes is McLeish Estate Wines, who have created a frame for guests to take photos with.

Create the right atmosphere

By creating a relaxed, cozy space for your cellar door, you’ll make guests feel welcome (and ultimately, bring their friends and family back to enjoy the experience again!)

There are a few key things to help set the scene.

Make the most of the view

If you’ve got a view, promote it! Be sure to include lots of glass, or doors that you can open up on a sunny day.

This will allow people to sit looking out at the view as they taste your wine.

Vinden Wines have done this with their beautiful cellar door. Glass doors (open or closed) allow guests to enjoy the view, and seats are positioned to look out at the vines.

Offer a Mix of Seating Options

Great cellar doors also have a mix of seating options to cater for guests.

The most popular ones we see are:

  • stools at a bar, which is perfect for groups of 2 0r 3, and quick tastings.
  • a large table with chairs – perfect for larger groups, hens parties and wine tour groups
  • sofas around a coffee table – this is great for a relaxed option, and typically will mean guests stay longer

By having a mix of seating options, you’ll be able to cater to a wide range of guests and events. Couples, hens Parties, wine tours, or even whole weddings!

Lastly, friendly service and the right playlist will help set a relaxed atmosphere for your guests.

Inspired to create your own Cellar Door? 

We realise you might have a few questions about how to get the right Cellar Door for your property. We’re here to help you! 

Click here to schedule a call with one of our Specialists.

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