Adding a wood heater to your Cedarspan cabin or barn

A lot of our clients ask “can you put a wood heater in Cedarspan barns/cabins?”
The answer is yes, you can!

Adding a wood heater to your barn or cabin is a great way to provide warmth, and some heaters also have cooking facilities – making it the perfect spot to cook up a tasty meal! 

Scroll down for more information, and some top tips from our design team.


two charming cedar cabins, one forever home
Wood heater creating a cozy loungeroom nook in this Cedarspan cabin in southern NSW


Complying with Regulations

The same regulations and safe distances apply (just as they do for a normal timber house), and we recommend contacting the heater supplier for installation guide to position and clearances or obtain the relevant Australian Standards.


A few helpful tips from our design team:

  • For small cabins or barns, position the heater as far away from sleeping quarters as they can be too hot at the end of an evening.
  • For large cabins or barns; try to position the heater as close to the centre of the structure as possible, so that heat is distributed evenly throughout the cabin.
  • Place the wood heater near an external door so it is easy to access the woodpile outside.
  • If your cabin has an amazing view, place the wood heater central on the front wall, between two french doors sets or panorama windows so you can sit around the fire and still see the view. (We have sample plans for these cabin designs, and Cedarspan buildings are made to order, so you can choose your window + door positioning to suit the views on your property).


airbnb cabin cedarspan
A traditional wood heater is a great way to add warmth and a cozy feeling to your Cedarspan cabin or barn. This is inside a Cedarspan Loft Cabin in Western NSW. 


Our clients recommend:

Many of our clients recommend the Nectre Bakers Oven. This stylish + functional traditional wood heater also has an oven section, and a stove on top, making it the perfect spot to cook up an authentic meal.

“Why stop at just heating your home? The Nectre Bakers Oven gives you the option to warm your living area and cook meals with the efficiency and natural power of a real wood fire. Using its traditional styled stove top and large oven, imagine impressing your guests in a cosy corner of your home with the sights and smells of home cooking while watching logs smoulder and flames dance.”


The Nectre Bakers Oven. Image via Nectre.com


We’ve had clients using these heaters for years, and have heard great feedback about them. 

Find out more here: https://www.nectre.com/en-au/nectre-bakers-oven#m-au-p-17


Nectre Bakers Oven
How the Nectre Bakers Oven works. Image via nectre.com


Ready to create your own cozy cabin? 

If you’re thinking about creating your own dream getaway or Airbnb with a prefab Cedarspan cabin, we’re here and ready to make it as easy as possible for you.

CEDARSPAN™ buildings are pre-made in our western Sydney factory to lock-up stage (externally complete) and then assembled onsite in just few days. We have installers we can recommend to make it even easier for you. It really is the quickest & easiest way to build on any rural property and has been proven time & time again since we started in 1976.

Click here to download our price list, which contains dimensions + pricing for the Cedarspan range. We’ll be in contact within a few days to answer any questions you may have.

Already downloaded the price list? Click here to schedule a phone call so we can help you further. 

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