Need more space? Add more for Less than $20k!

 Did you know it’s possible to add space to your home for less than $20k?

 Home Extensions don’t have to be time-consuming, patience-testing, nerve-wracking experiences!

You can add precious space to your home in just a few easy steps, and save money!

A Melwood product is the answer.

It’s fast – short lead times and delivered in a day

It’s easy – choose your size and your options, and we’ll make it for you!

It’s economical – most cabanas cost approx. 60% less than a similar-sized extension!

There’s no council – that means no fees, no time wasted.

And there’s a 10-year structural warranty for peace of mind!

None of these clients needed extensions. Their Melwood structure was the answer!

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A Home Extension for less than $20k! Extend your home the fast and easy way, whilst saving money! A backyard cabana is the perfect solution.

Painted the same colours as the house, the structure will blend in seamlessly!

An extra room – all in one day!
customised mod cabana no.18
Expand the footprint of your Holiday Home or Beachside property!
Cabana_front-view-3 claudia
Outdoor Entertaining Spaces made easy!
stanton willoughby 2
A Stylish Outdoor Space to house things that take up space in your home! What else can you imagine?
Your Super-Fast and Money-Saving Home Extension is ready for you –click here to download pricing and get your project started!

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