10 Things you should be Storing in your Backyard

Do you ever look at something and wonder where on earth you’re going to store it? Does your house seem to be getting smaller and smaller each year?

Here are 10 things you should be storing in your backyard, to save space in your house!

1. Bulky Pool Equipment & Toys

Pool pumps, chlorine, flippers, inflatable pool floaties, pool noodles… the list goes on! Once the summer fun is over, store pool supplies and toys in your Backyard Cabana so they are kept safe and secure, ready for next summer!

2. Camping/fishing Gear

Tents, hiking boots, rucksacks and sleeping bags are great for when you’re camping! But what about the rest of the year? Even avid campers don’t use their camping gear 24/7! By adding a few hooks, shelves or storage buckets to your Storage Shed, your camping and fishing gear will be neat, organised and ready to grab next time you head off on an adventure!

3. Bulky Eskies

Everyone knows the qualities that make an Aussie esky great: it has to be big enough to fit drinks for a crowd + a bag of ice + at least one watermelon; it has to have wheels and a handle so it can be dragged to location; and it must be sturdy enough to serve as temporary seating! Where do you store the iconic eskies when they’re not in use though? You got it 😉 the Backyard.

4. Sewing machines & other hobby supplies

As our client Penny says, ”  “It will mainly house stuff that has no place in the house and also my sewing machine (which I don’t use much these days).”. Is this you? Do you have hobby equipment and supplies that you don’t use regularly enough to keep within the house, but you can’t bring yourself to get rid of? A backyard storage shed, or even a hobby cabin will solve your dilemma!

5. Surfboards, flippers and wetsuits

According to the pros at swimoutlet.com; “Surfboards should always be kept indoors, away from the elements. Prolonged exposure to sun, rain, and even morning dew will compromise a surfboard’s structural integrity over time.” This makes a secure, watertight Storage shed the perfect storage spot for your prized boards. You could even construct a simple board rack using wooden dowels, and place a towel or rug under the bottoms of the surfboards so you don’t have to worry about scraping them on the floor.

6. Bikes, helmets & rollerblades

Bikes,  helmets – even motorbikes! – can be safely stored in your Melwood Workshed. The sturdy floor system we use ensures that the floor can take heavy items such as motorbikes, whilst keeping them protected from the elements. (Bonus: free up your garage space so you actually have room for your car in there! ;))

7. Out-of-season clothing

Those gorgeous thick woollen coats and knee-length leather boots taking up a little too much wardrobe space? How about storing them securely in the backyard until you next need them? Simply purchase some air-tight storage containers or vacuum-sealed plastic bags and they’ll be safely & securely stored!

8. Spare furniture 

You know that furniture that you only use a few times a year? Perhaps the extra seating you only need when family come to stay? That spare trundle bed? The highchair kept purely for when friends bring their littlies over? Keep it safely in the backyard storage shed, and its right within reach when you need it! 😉

9. Garden tools 

Thisones prettyobvious, but truly, no one wants to store a mower, hedger, or weed spray in the house do they? Double doors are a great option as well, to allow easy access to get in and out of the Storage Workshop with large bulky equipment. Take a look at our Stylish Storage Pinterest board for some more tips. You’re welcome 🙂

10. Anything you’re paying weekly storage fees for right now!

Although they might seem economical right now, hire-storage options add up very quickly. Just start doing your sums and you’ll soon realise paying for storage can be a huge mistake!

As one hire-storage user puts it…

“So, I did the calculations on what this storage unit cost me. 7 years = 84 months times approximately $120 a month = over $10,000!!!!! I am flabbergasted I spent so much on storing what was basically crap. It’s just so easy when it’s $120 a month. Think of what I could have done with $10,000! That’s a costly uncluttering lesson!”

(Source: unclutterer.com)

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What would you store in your Backyard Storage Building? Tell us in the comments below:



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