Cedarspan Miners Cottage (20CHL30 Loft Barn)

A charming little Colonial Cottage, this configuration is based on our 20CHL30 Loft Barn and is reminiscent of the many original dwellings used by miners during the development of this vast country. This compact weekender for your country block has the same “footprint” as the Country Retreat but has much more height due to being based on the 2H30 Loft Barn.

Classic Charm

Cedarspan authentic heritage styles capture all the character and charm of yesteryear. Adjustable window and door configuration and classic steep pitch roof all harmonise to perfectly compliment your property.

Hi-Tech Design

Cedarspan’s “Hi Tensile” clearspanning roof design is unique to Australia and is by far the most modern, innovative and strongest design available for this type of building.