Our friends keep phoning to come and stay in our loft cabin.

Even our customers are thrilled with our new shop.

A charming studio.

We are very pleased. It was even better than we expected!

This is the strongest home I have lived in and I have lived in plenty I assure you.

The Cedarspan V-groove panelling was a breeze to fit.

We had our cabin up by the second day. A great concept.

Having the loft made all the difference to our cabin.

We compared everything available, Cedarspan was by far the best.

Thanks to your meticulous packing our cabin arrived in perfect condition.

All my customers love my country office.

Dear Cedarspan – I congratulate you for my cabin. It’s exactly as I imagined, exactly where I imagined and when you said it would be. My experience has been a happy one. Problems have been faced with a “can do” attitude and all have been courteous throughout.

Our cabin has withstood the years of extreme wind and weather prevalent in our mountain region.

Dear Cedarspan – Talk about multiple purposes, the cabin has been indispensable for storage/studio uses and creates an attractive setting amongst the trees. We get so many admiring glances. Thank you for your attention to detail. It even smells good and down to earth.

It is usually impossible to build anything in this remote district, but thanks to Cedarspan I now have four wonderful cabins – and affordable too!

Many thanks for the grateful assistance from all at Cedarspan.

My aged parents both find their Cedarspan cabin a most pleasant and comfortable home despite the extreme cold we experience here.

I’ve included your questionnaire and I hope my experiences can add to your information base about your fine product. Be assured that I recommend Cedarspan to all my friends when given the chance. I’m very happy with the finished product. Thank you for your assistance with our project.

I am very happy with my Cedarspan cabin. Thank you Cedarspan. Keep up your good service.

Heartfelt thanks from the staff, families and students of the Illawarra School.


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