Maximise Living Space with an Outdoor Laundry

Now that more of us are spending time at home, space has become a luxury.

That dining table that you used to fold laundry on? For most of us, that’s now become a homework / study / work-from-home desk!

The solution? 
An outdoor laundry.

Outdoor laundries are rising in popularity as people want a spacious laundry room, but don’t want to have to sacrifice living space inside the home. A garden room is the perfect starting point for your outdoor laundry. Delivered and installed to ‘lock up stage’ – you can then arrange for the entire garden room to be waterproofed & tiled, and then add your laundry appliances and cabinetry – just like you would inside the home. 

outdoor laundry
Neat but functional. You could fit all of this and more in even the smallest Melwood Garden Room: 2.0 x 3.6m.


By locating the laundry outside of the house, you can keep the noise and clutter of laundry work away from main living areas.

Even a small garden room provides plenty of space for a washing machine, dryer, large sink and storage, as well as being conveniently nearby the clothesline.


How much space do you need for an outdoor laundry? 

We recommend at least a 2m x 3m garden room for your outdoor laundry. This gives you space for a washing machine, dryer and sink down one wall, shelving or cupboards above, and leave plenty of space for you to move around inside.

For a larger laundry, we’d recommend the deeper 3.2m garden room. This would give you space to put a long folding bench on the opposite wall, with storage cupboards, or laundry sorting bins below. 

By moving the laundry to the backyard, you can get the spacious laundry you’ve always dreamed of!


Keith and Vicki used a Mod18 (5.4m x 3.2m) as their outdoor laundry, and had plenty of space to add in a bathroom as well!

Keith and Vickys outdoor laundry melwood garden room
Keith and Vicky’s outdoor laundry is the Melwood Mod No.18, and has space for storage, a spare fridge, laundry machines and a large spacious bathroom!


Get the space you need without moving or renovating

Sydney’s recent housing crisis has homeowners looking for ways to make more use of their existing home, rather than move or renovate. Adding a garden room to your property is the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to add useable space to your property.


Tip: use white cabinetry to make your laundry feel large & spacious, and stack bulky laundry machines to save space.

Clever space-saving tip: stack bulky laundry machines on top of each other. Image via homestoloveau on Pinterest

Ready to get your own Outdoor Laundry? 

If you’re ready to get more living space by moving your laundry to a garden room made just for you, the next step is to fill out this form & download our brochure. 

We will be in touch in the next few days to answer your questions and help you take the next steps to bring your creative studio to life!

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