Geoff’s dream – an ‘all-cedar’ workshop barn

With space for a boat, three vehicles & even a caravan under the awning, this beautiful Cedarspan Barn is definitely a team favourite!

Currently home to Geoff’s dream workshop, his vision is to turn this into barn accommodation later on down the track.

Geoff really enjoyed the journey to achieving his Cedarspan dream.

“…everything from your end was pretty damn smooth & easy…the delivery, everything worked smoothly”

Geoff received delivery of his Cedarspan Barn back in December, and has enjoyed installing it with a couple of his builder mates. He had very specific criteria for his barn, and we were so excited to help him achieve his dream!

“we just sorta went off what was online and it all worked fine…It was all just pure logic anyways…went quite smoothly for a bunch of novices”

Located on the far South Coast of NSW, on a picturesque block of land, Geoff has built his ‘all cedar’ workshop barn.

With three sets of handcrafted cedar barn doors across the front, cedar cladding to all sides and a beautiful set of premium cedar glass doors, Geoff can now enjoy watching his barn slowly weather to the silvery grey that he envisioned.

“We’re going to go for the nice weathered cedar silvery look”

Geoff is finishing off the interiors with a little bathroom, and some pegboard for his tools.

“…its all sort of happening together, sorting out the little bathroom, putting up lots of plywood & pegboard on the interior to hang all the tools and bits pieces on, so it’s all coming together quite nicely”

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