Backyard Home Office

Your New Backyard Office Awaits

We all deserve to have a comfortable backyard home office when you work from home.

Every day now, more and more people are beginning to work from home across Sydney. At times distracting, stressful, and inefficient (especially when the kids are home from school), working from the dining room table or the kitchen bench teasingly assures us that “this is a one-time thing, and will soon be a thing of the past.”

For those of us that have to work from home, there’s no such luxury or end in view.

We’re working, sure, but we’re also on-call while we’re on the job. Interruptions, phone calls, errands, and taking care of family/pets all nibble away at our precious productive work hours.

In short, there’s no concrete distinction between when work ends and home begins.

Until now.

Meet the backyard office.

Why an Office in the Backyard?

A backyard office for people that work from home gives you a clear, defined place to get work done. Unlike the home office, where you’re at the beck and call of everything vying for your attention, the backyard office brings you greater calm and focus while promoting productivity and creativity.

What’s more, today’s backyard offices can be designed with all the amenities you’d expect like heating and air conditioning.  So much more than a simple workshop or shed, the backyard office provides you with your own personal retreat that allows you far greater freedom and flexibility in your work.  Plus, unlike the high costs of a traditional extension or detached workshop, a backyard home office be designed to match your existing home decor and style at a fraction of the price.  Saving money and still keeping that all-important curb appeal – what’s not to love?

Sounds interesting?

Even if you’ve been thinking about adding a backyard office space or studio to your home, you may not have realised precisely what goes into it or where to start with learning more.  It’s also crucial to know exactly what you’re buying. Inferior sheds are made with shipping pallets and particleboard, causing them to crack and warp under even the most forgiving Australian weather conditions. These poor-quality designs are an open invitation to termites, mould and other fungi. Don’t get caught with an inferior product in your backyard. Make sure the backyard office building you buy is Australian Made, complies with Australian Building Standards, and is backed by a reliable Warranty.

Our premium quality backyard offices for people working from home, workshops, and studios, use only sturdy structural timber framing and come with a 10-year structural warranty.  As Australia’s first nationwide builder and distributor of prefab cottages and cabanas, Melwood has over forty years of craftsmanship experience and expertise.

Our buildings are much more than a simple shell – Melwood’s outdoor home offices are designed to protect and preserve, while meeting or exceeding all building standards and regulations.  Beyond a backyard office space, many of our customers use their Melwood buildings as art studios, exercise rooms, wood or metalworking shops and much more.  With so many flexible design options to choose from, you’ll never run out of new ideas for using your added space to the fullest.

Melwood outdoor home office are the only buildings of their kind built right here in Australia to strict quality codes and assurances.  Inferior “workshops” and “studios” are made from imported materials that simply can’t withstand the local climate, and may not be up to code.  The last thing you want to do is endanger your safety with an imported piece, hastily and sloppily put together.

Our modular system has been designed to be both durable and long-lasting, you’ll find that your new Melwood backyard office space gives you peace and comfort, but also truly completes the look of your property. From a small, quaint studio to a full backyard workshop, Melwood has the space you deserve at prices you won’t believe.  Each piece is made in our Sydney factory and available for delivery directly into your backyard.

Even if you live in an area that’s prone to bush fires, you’ll be glad to know that you can still enjoy all the benefits of a backyard office building. Call one of our helpful, friendly representatives today and ask about our range of bal rated cladding and upgrades for our cabana, cottage and office building products.

So the real question then becomes…how much does an outdoor home office cost?

We’d love to give you a copy of our latest and greatest price catalogue, where you can see all the options available for your new backyard office, including costs, customisation options, upgrades and much more.  Split your new office into separate rooms, add doors or extra windows for more ambient light, this is the perfect backyard office for people working from home!

To get more details and see full pricing information, simply download our priceguide and catalogue. There’s no cost and no obligation. It takes just a minute, but can be the first step toward giving you the “home away from home” you deserve.  When you’re finished, simply click the Download button to see pricing information instantly.  It’s that easy!

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