5 Benefits of a Home Storage Shed | Never Pay Storage Fees Again!

One thing every homeowner has in common is that we all need more storage space.

As a result, the hire-storage industry is booming. By 2020, it is estimated to be worth almost $809 million. Hundreds of Aussie families are losing money each week to Self-Storage fees. 

What people don’t realise is that there is a better way to store your belongings. It’s known as home storage (or a stylish shed in your backyard!). 

By adding a quality storage shed to your backyard, you can store your belongings safely, with no ongoing fees & improve your property value!

Here’s the top 5 benefits of home storage.


Top 5 Benefits of Home Storage 

1. Adds Value to your property An additional structure that looks good and serves a useful purpose will always add value to your property. It becomes even more appealing if your storage cabana/shed/garden room is multi-purpose and not just for storing garden equipment or treasured trivia. Garden Rooms can become guest rooms, home offices, play rooms, or even a man cave. In fact, while it is called a “shed” in the business, it can be nothing like a shed if you know how to dress it up.

According to experts, adding value to your property is not just in renovating the main house and landscaping, it is also found in being able to create a space outside the main house that impresses.


2. Quick & Easy Process A Melwood garden room or storage cabana/shed can be up and ready for use in 24 hours and, you do not usually need to get approval to build a shed on your property. Click here to read more about council exemptions.


3. De-clutter your home, but keep your belongings close.  Imagine the panic when you realize that something you need urgently is stored miles away. By putting up a nice modern garden room or storage shed in your garden, you reduce the anxiety of having treasured items far from you, and reduce clutter in the main house. You don’t have to drive anywhere when you need something that you’ve got in storage.


4. Easy to move. Moving? Redesigning your backyard? Your Melwood garden room or storage shed can be moved. If you want to redo your garden or backyard landscaping, it is not impossible to move the shed around to a new location with the help of professional. If you sell the property in the future, you can leave the shed there as it will add value to your property and allow you to ask for a higher price from buyers. 


5. Immediate & Long-term Savings. The savings you will enjoy are irrefutable. Remember one thing; rent not an investment. ‘Money down the drain’ so to speak.

By adding extra storage space to your property, you get a definite return on the investment. Pay once, and you’ve got the space you need for years. Save on storage fees, insurance, transportation costs, and other incidental expenses that can add up over the years. 


When choosing a building for self storage in your backyard, you’ll want to choose a cabana or garden room that is well made, built to last & comes with a long term warranty. A quality investment over a cheap alternative always wins in the long run.


How to get your own top-quality storage shed:

If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of your own self-storage in your backyard and save on storage fees, we’re ready to help you.

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5 Benefits Backyard Storage Shed

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