Peter’s bushland accommodation – not his first Cedarspan rodeo

After buying his first Cedarspan back in the 90s, Peter loved how easy the process was, and his cabin blended with the Australian landscape as it aged. Hence when it came to his next cabin, Greenspan was a natural choice for Peter.

Situated on 7965 hectares and surrounded by national park, Peter’s dream was to create a bushland cabin overlooking the mountain ranges. As a non-builder with just a few burly companions to help him install, Peter found the Cedarspan process easy.

“The cabin looked great as it aged, was an aesthetically pleasing ‘kit’ and sat well in the landscape.”

Peter explained, “This time I went back because the product is well made and the support is fantastic. A non-builder with a few burly companions can erect it. The paperwork made DA fairly easy and the adaptability – in my case, the bushfire rating – was very simple.”

This time around, Peter chose the Cedarspan 30C50 design, with an added Verandah across the front, to maximise the mountain view. He personalised his design with merbau decking & sustainable hardwood cladding, an aesthetically pleasing way to accommodate the local bushfire requirements.

“Planning was easy despite bushfire issues. I highly commend the product but also the people, as John was simply awesome through the whole process. Even well into the build with helpful advice and great knowledge to help me complete it.”

Coming in at just shy of 51sqm, Peter has been chipping away at the interior fitout when he is out at the property. With the open plan living area, kitchen bedroom & bathroom now completed, Peter just has a few finishing touches left to complete his beautiful space.

Despite having had incredibly harsh weather including wild storms, torrential rain and crazy wind squalls since installing, Peter’s cabin is solid.

“It is absolutely solid – even through storms, rain and wind.”

Peter’s dogs enjoying the view from the deck of their new holiday home

“It’s a 10 out of 10 from me. Everyone who sees it loves it, even my family who are the hardest to impress!”

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